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There is no excuse. You can start being a better teacher straight from the comfort of your sofa, from your office desk or wherever you feel like. Thanks to today’s technology, knowledge can be transmitted really easily from any place that has an internet connection to another. Publishing online courses is an ongoing project and my objective is really to offer a great selection of different courses, at a very affordable price, on various topics in the ELT area.


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    • Wellbeing Shouldn’t Be Underrated

      Well being is certainly not to be underrated…I confess to having gone a little bit crazy during the pandemic… Maybe a little is an understatement, but because so much time has passed let’s leave it at that.Every person I know had their share of difficulties and problems of course but as a chance to vent

      8th July 2022
    • Me, myself and I

      We have a fabulous ongoing project at Stars English School this year which is called My Self Portrait. This project has many objectives but the most important one for me personally, when thinking about our students is self-observation.

      10th March 2021
    • Idea Alert: Lego Avatar😊

      How do your students see themselves? What if Avatars weren’t only for computers?

      25th February 2021