Navigating your way through the teaching profession can be challenging. Most of the time, we start our teaching career full of expectations and dreams of helping students. However, usually a good reality check comes very soon. Students who do not respond in the way we expected, colleagues who do not share our views about education, parents to deal with, classes to prepare, difficulties in finding creative and cool ideas and so on. Even though you may have been trained to handle all of the responsibilities that being a teacher entails, it can still get very overwhelming and along the years we run the risk of loosing that initial enthusiasm that we started off with.

As an experienced teacher, I have been in your shoes and I know just how you are feeling, as well as the pressures that come along with being a teacher. The teaching profession is quite a rough path.

Whether you are a young teacher in need of help and/or advice or whether you are a teacher who wants to improve a particular set of skills, I can provide you with the knowledge and advice you need to successfully get through your career!

Are you ready to raise the bar?

Do you feel you could be a better teacher? Are you looking for that famous ‘something more’? Do you want to be ahead in terms of language teaching? Let’s do it together! Get in touch and let’s schedule a call!

Tailored & Professional Service

25+ years of Experience

I have been in the teaching profession for a long time and I have the experience and knowledge to pass down to you. I can help you improve your teaching skills and provide you with expertise and techniques that you need in order to be a better teacher.

Been in your shoes

Like you, I started out as a new teacher trying to find my way. I know the business and I can provide you with thoughtful advice based on my own experiences and expertise. I can become a close ally!

Keep your career on track

It can be easy to lose track of what is expected of you. Techniques, interaction with your students, learning standards, help you prepare for unexpected situations. I'll be there to help you stay on track.

Achieve your goals

That ideal portrait you made of yourself as a perfect teacher before starting your career, this is the goal. Is it still clear in your mind? Has it changed? Is it getting more and more blurred as time goes by?

Building your confidence

We often lack confidence in our capabilities and get frustrated because we lack solid reference and support. I can be your right arm and help you improve self-confidence with much optimism, energy and positive thinking! :):)

Use your creativity

Being a 'whatever routine job' teacher should never be an option. Strive to always be extremely creative, adventurous and unleash all your creativity. The kind of professional you want to be is up to you and sometimes we need an extra kick of motivation to keep ourselves on track!

What do you need?

Here are some typical areas that we'll tackle


YOUR goals, YOUR expectations, YOUR ambitions, YOUR issues and YOUR problems. Where we start from and where we go.

class planning

This is a fundamental part of the process a good teacher must do. A successful class starts with a good plan with clear objectives.

teaching techniques and tools

How do you approach your teaching? Which tools do you use and how? Are these the most efficient and effective ways?

class management

Are you fully alert to your students reactions during your classes? The signals they send, even though not always consciously, may be your biggest indicators on which areas you may need to improve on...

student assesment

Each student is different and each student has their own learning style. Are you considering this when you assess them? How?

online teaching

Very important during these times of digitalization. With a bit of effort and creativity, we can adapt our techniques to use them for online teaching without losing effectiveness.

dealing with parents

This is an essential ability to be mastered especially when speaking of Very Young and Young Learners. Children learn much better when parents and caregivers walk hand in hand with schools and educators!

...and much more!

Isadora is an authentic and creative professional. She always addresses and respects the requirements in any situation carefully analyzing tools, potential and weak points. Because of her experience, she is able to put herself in others’ shoes and easily create a strategy to reach the goals. I feel grateful for having worked with her.

Patrícia Bertoldi
Coordinator, EI Princesa Isabel

The best version of you, teacher!