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More about me

“Great students will make future great teachers and teacher trainers. This is the virtuous cycle I wish to contribute to. If we are better, the world around us must follow. It’s a law.”

Hello there! I'm a wanderer by birth, born in Brazil but raised amidst the colorful tapestries of Canada, the USA, England, and Portugal. Living across these diverse cultures for over a decade not only polished my language skills but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for global unity.
My teaching adventure kicked off in 1996, sparked by a genuine love for education and the resolution of doing something different. Armed with degrees in Communications and Pedagogy, my mission became clear: make English language learning not just accessible but truly transformative for both the learner and the teacher.
In 2013, I founded Stars English School, a warm and welcoming space where youngsters as little as 2 embark on a fascinating learning journey. Here, education isn't confined to textbooks; we explore the world through music, gardening, drama, and art, creating an immersive experience for students of all ages.
Outside these classroom walls, I'm deeply involved in exciting projects. I design innovative teacher training courses, craft engaging educational materials, and have even started to wear an author hat, creating books tailored for English Language Teaching (ELT). My passion for teaching extends beyond the local scene; I'm an active member of communities like the National Brazilian Association of English Teachers (BRAZTESOL), where I lead the Santa Catarina Chapter and coordinate events for the Young Learner and Teen Special Interest Group.
In addition to my university degrees, I've also got some certificates under my belt, including a TESOL certification from Anaheim University-USA and a Post Graduate Degree in Bilingual and Multilingual Education.
In the world of pedagogy, I've discovered my purpose. It's not just about teaching; it's about igniting curiosity, fostering those "aha" moments, and building bridges of understanding across diverse cultures.
So, come join me on this educational journey! Let's explore, learn, and grow together, one lesson at a time. Here's to making learning not just enriching but also incredibly fun!

More information on my CV and certifications can be found on my personal linkedIn profile.

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What do I believe in?

Team Work and Empathy

Being able to connect to other people and build a community of professionals who are both prepared and motivated is my objective.

Passion and Dedication

It’s been 28 years that I’ve started being called a “teacher”. I love my job, but at the same time I do feel the huge responsibility that this role entails.

Creativity and Ideas

I want to share a different concept of teaching where learning is fostered by creativity, where attention to the individual is put in first place.

Professional Commitment

Each of us has to play their role and each one of us must carry our share of responsibility and transmit our knowledge to improve the world around us.

My Mission

The equation “teacher + student + blackboard + chalk” is outdated and as educators we must be the first to deliver our best if we want our students to make progress.

My objectives are very simple but ambitious:

  • Shape the future of language teaching

  • Share my knowledge and my experience with teachers worldwide through online courses, webinars, live broadcasts, seminars and talks.

  • Build a community of dedicated and brave professionals who are not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone, raise the bar and think out-of-the-box

  • Improve the organization of schools and institutions to reach excellence in the teaching of a foreign language

  • Share the love for my work

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