Working with Feelings

These little handmade emojis are part the daily routine at circle time with our very young and young learners at Stars, sometimes we even use them with teens and adults 😁🤣 the objective is to teach them meaningful feelings 😃 so that they can express themselves beyond the simple “I’m good” or the traditional “I’m fine thanks”… these do not reflect what they are feeling in an accurate way and don’t give them opportunities for expanding both, ways of expressing themselves or even for learning more from their emotions.

To make these we simply cut out circles with card paper and look for creative ways for expressing feelings through emojis. Some have been copied, some adapted and some invented, the point is to show them you care about how they feel, so the pictures don’t have to be perfect.

Of course you could use ready made ones but I think the ones we make ourselves say it better don’t you think?
After repeating this exercise during circle time and by asking each child how they are feeling on that particular day you can start of with a few and increase as time passes so they become accustomed to the new language and vocabulary. I usually ask them to choose 3 or 4 if I have a big group because the other students are usually anxious to say how they are too 🥰

How do you work with feelings? Is it part of your daily routine?

I’d love to know ❤❤❤