Idea Alert: Lego Avatar😊

Hey there all you amazing teachers out there! 💕

How about spiking creativity in your students by creating their own characters of themselves? I called them Lego Avatars but you can come up with any other ideas you feel may be stimulating and fun for your them’. These were created during the first 2 weeks back to school. We had some newcomers, and our “oldies” were returning after a VERY hard year as you all know. These were perfect for helping children with creative introductions!

Some thoughts I had when planning this activity:

  • Children need to be stimulated in their creative thinking (there’s just too much electronic activity going on in the world).
  • Children need to be encouraged to use their imagination and not just find things that numb their minds and press the “wrong” buttons.
  • Children need to be presented with many opportunities in order to internalise their sensorial and motor abilities.
  • We need to offer magical opportunities for touching and manipulating a large variety of objects because it’s ok to get dirty, it’s ok to make a mess, it’s ok to do things in your own uniquely magical way and then we can put away and clean them up together (that’s also part of the learning process).
  • These activities teach gross and fine motor skills, they also teach children how to communicate and collaborate and many, many, many, MANY other wonderful things.

I’ll share the template I used if you want to try it with your classes but the template can also be created by the children themselves (which is even better). You can download this version at the bottom of this post.👩👨👩‍🦰👦👱‍♂️👳‍♀️👳‍♂️🕵️‍♂️

I made a large variety of loose parts available to them while they were working, these don’t need to be expensive or difficult (I have a lot of things because I have my own school and I’m art obsessed 😍😍 but I’ve also created (and create) similar things using nature’s offerings 🌞, magazine cut-outs and other bits and pieces I find laying around.

After the children finished I worked on some personal information that their Avatars wanted to share with the rest of the school. The information varied according to their level of English and their maturity. 🙈 For the very young ones it was about writing their name and age for example and for the older ones they wrote what they wanted 🙂

Some of the sentences: My name is…, I am… years old, My favourite food is…, I love…(favourite freetime activities), My favourite school subjects are…, Today I’m feeling…

The best part is the creative process 🌈⭐🌟, the imagining, the manipulating… the rest is a consequence of this magical process.

Hope you and your students enjoy!