How to develop autonomy in very young learners #2

Last Tuesday I had another great chat with my friend a colleague Henriqueta Grubba!

We had the time to wrap up the conversation started 10 days ago: How to develop autonomy in Very Young Learners #1. This time we were able to talk about more practical tips on this topic and I found particularly interesting when we touched upon the strategy we can use in out online classes to improve the attention and the independence of the little ones, such as creating a space equipped with everything that the child might and establishing great communication between schools and families. There are so many little details that might seem really obvious at first but are often foreseen and make a huge difference in the long run! Another thing that left a mark was the life skills which can be stimulated at home on a daily basis such as organizing their rooms, taking out the trash, buttoning an unbuttoning their own clothes or simply learning how to poor themselves a glass of water.

Autonomy should and must be understood as a process and not as a state! The more we are able to promote their inherent motivation, the more independent and secure they become :).

In case you’re interested, you can watch part #2 of our LIVE on IGTV here (and in case you missed it, part #1 here)!

Hope you’ll enjoy and see you next time!


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