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What I do

I Help

I help professionals in the ELT area by offering training services and educational consultancy, in person and online, to institutions, organizations, schools and teachers who want to make a difference.

I Share

With more than 25 years of experience as an English teacher, I want to share a completely different vision of teaching, where learning is fostered by creativity and attention to the individual.

I Learn

Learning is a never ending process and through my students, colleagues and clients, I continuously learn and improve in order to always offer excellence in all my services and projects.

My vision

I want to help the community of professionals who work in the language teaching area to turn the very concept of teaching upside down.

After decades of stagnation, of standardized and cold methods and techniques, I want to share a completely different vision with you: a concept of teaching where learning is fostered by creativity, where attention to the individual is always put in first place, where both teachers and students can thrive and fully express their qualities and potentials and where teaching becomes a human journey of personal growth for both the teachers and their students.


years of experience in the ELT area


years as an independent school owner


ELT world to improve

Unlock Teaching Potential

I carry information, tips and instructions to those professionals who have the desire or the need to improve their own skills and techniques and who wish that their students love their classes even more
  • Seminars, webinars, talks, courses, lectures, live broadcasts and social media,
  • In person or online,
  • To teachers and institutions.

What can I help you with?

Comfortably at your office desk or on your home sofa with a nice cup of coffee, for you teachers who want to improve your knowledge about a particular expertise in the area of language teaching.

From teaching techniques to teaching tools, from planning your lessons to managing your class. Teaching a language is one thing. Teaching a language knowing what you are doing is something completely different.

Institutions dislike the term ‘educational consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that it might represent the starting point for reaching success.

We often forget that teachers are the founding bricks of all educational institutions. If we all change for the better, the world around us is forced to follow. I can help you unlock your creativity and your potential!

What does a good teacher do?


in their own continuous learning process


ongoing training and qualification


their expertise and knowledge in various areas related to teaching.


their students with their attitudes and classes!

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Latest news

  • Wellbeing Shouldn’t Be Underrated

    Well being is certainly not to be underrated…I confess to having gone a little bit crazy during the pandemic… Maybe a little is an understatement, but because so much time has passed let’s leave it at that.Every person I know had their share of difficulties and problems of course but as a chance to vent

    8th July 2022
  • Me, myself and I

    We have a fabulous ongoing project at Stars English School this year which is called My Self Portrait. This project has many objectives but the most important one for me personally, when thinking about our students is self-observation.

    10th March 2021
  • Idea Alert: Lego Avatar😊

    How do your students see themselves? What if Avatars weren’t only for computers?

    25th February 2021

This is dedicated to all those professionals who:

have a constant need to reinvent themselves and their teaching practices

seek improvement

get butterflies in their stomach from the thrill of their work

have realized the level of responsibility that this role implies

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